Safety Solutions Focus

GxPAnalytiX (GxPA) offers process & system integration consulting services and information systems to BioPharma and Healthcare companies, with its primary focus on patient safety solutions and safety data analytics, covering the entire spectrum of pharmacovigilance and risk management business processes.

PV Analytics Systems

Qualitative and quantitative signal detection; Interactive PBRER/DSUR data outputs; Visual exploration of safety data; Analysis of similar events.

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Data Migration Services

Data migration strategy;
Data assessment & mapping;
Data migration verification;
Verification summary report.

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Process & System Integration

Process analysis & harmonization strategy; Indentification of practical solutions; Strategy & plan for system implementation; System validation & training activities.

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Powerful PV Analytics Systems

GxPAnalytix provides intuitive and interactive PV Analytics systems which allow your organization to understand & manage safety data and harmonize processes globally. The integrated Safety Platform for Analytics, Reporting, and Compliance (iSPARC) was developed using QLIK technology to meet real challenges that safety organizations face and is available as a collection of modules:

iSPARC Signal • iSPARC Explore • iSPARC Report • iSPARC Quality • iSPARC Reconcile • iSPARC Executive

iSPARC Signal

iSPARC Signal is an integrated framework, enabling PV scientists & physicians to interactively perform routine and ad-hoc qualitative and quantitative signal detection activities in a harmonized and efficient approach.Find out more


iSPARC is an Interactive Safety Platform for Analytics, Reporting, and Compliance enabling PV/Drug Safety business to perform routine and ad-hoc regulatory compliance and operational performance activities in a harmonized and practical framework.
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iSPARC Reconcile

iSPARC Reconcile is an integrated framework, enabling PV Case Managment to interactively perform routine AE reconciliation activities across business partners and internal business functions.
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